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Pattern + Sample Making

Pattern + Sample Making


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Pattern and Sample Making is the most important part of design development.  It is the fit, the quality, an LIFE of your garment!


What Do I Need to Get Started?

An idea and a Sketch.  We got you from there!

What is the Process for Pattern + Sample Making?

In order to insure an amazing fit for your pattern and sample, each garment is cut and sewn and corrected at least three times.  It is first patterned on Dotted paper, then cut out in Muslin.  A prototype is then sewn up for fitting purposes, and fitted on a fit model.  Any adjustments are made on the muslin with red or black markers.  Adjustments are then applied to dotted pattern paper, recut in Muslin, and refittedIf fit is great, we move onto cutting in the actual fabric selected by you!

Can I Have a Pattern and Sample Made If I am Not Manufacturing Through Eyes Like Pearls, or at all?

Sure,  Eyes Like Pearls provide a la carte services from Graphics and Social Media Marketing, to Simple Pattern and Sample making.  

How Many Samples Should I Have Made For Each Garment?

Typically, 3 Samples are the standard.  Lets say you Eyes Like Pearls has produced A Leather Jacket Pattern + Sample for you in a size S, it is suggested to have 3 of the same Leather Jackets in your possession in case you need your samples to be different places at different times.  The Fashion industry is very tedious and unexpected so it is always important to be extra prepared!  If you've loaned your sample to a company with the expectation of having it returned in exactly a week, to lend to another company, shipments can be delayed, packages get lost, etc, which then slows up the process.  And from experience, once you've lost one sample, you're short!  Then you'd have to wait to have another one produced.  SO As you can see...more than 1 sample is very important!

How Much is a Pattern + Sample?

Patterns start at $135 up to 8pieces per pattern (ex: Arm, Bodice, Collar, Pocket = 4 pieces).  Each additional piece is $7.

Samples start at $200 and can range up to $550 depending on fabrics, pattern pieces, lining, etc.

Pattern Changes or revisions are $100.

Sample Changes are $115. 



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