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Manufacturing +Product Development

Manufacturing + Product Development 

Manufacturing + Product Development


I have Ideas and Sketches, I Need Help Starting My Brand.

Awesome! Eyes Like Pearls can help with demographic and brand identity, along with conceptualizing mood boards, conveying your inspiration through your pieces, and sketch enhancement to develop the foundation of your brand before manufacturing. Consulting is the best way to pick your brain in order to put a strategized Target Market Plan together.  

I Already Have a Solid Demographic, Brand Identity, and a Few Finalized Hand Sketches, Now What?

Now it's time to figure out exactly how many designs you'd like to have Patterned and Sampled..per size.  Next we will turn finalized hand sketches into CADs (Computer Aided Designs) while also sourcing fabrics (if you haven't already), in order to complete a professional tech pack to begin manufacturing.

Do You Fabric Source?

No, we prefer that you have your own fabric at time of production to ensure 100% client satisfaction.  


Do You Have Min/Max?

Minimums are only set in place when manufacturing.  We ask that you have a minim of 12 pieces per style (meaning if theres a denim jacket you want made, 12 jackets are the minimum...can be the same size or different sizes).  There is no Max. We can produce however many pieces you'd like!

What's Your Turn Around Time?

Turn around time depends on a lot: how many pieces you're having produced, are we starting with just a sketch?, or do you have patterns, tech packs, and samples already?  The season, how busy, and exactly where you fit in in the schedule, all matters when factoring in turn around time.  Consultation will decipher turn around time

My Samples, Patterns, and Tech Packs are finalized, Can You Breakdown the stage of Manufacturing after this? 

Stages may vary based on fabrics (Prints, dyeing, etc.)  Standard stage:

  • Tech Pack sent to Manufacturer along with Pattern and Sample.

  • Patterns are laid out according to size on a marker and laser cut. 

  • Once cut, pattern pieces are assigned to proper department (shirts, pants, jackets, etc)

  • Before completion, a sample of the Manufactured product will be sent via email and physical mail (if you are not in Los Angeles) 

After My Order is Complete, can you help with branding for social media?

Not only will Eyes Like Pearls help with social media branding, we will create an entire Marketing/Branding Plan that includes but isn't limited to:

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Website and Logo Development

  • Design Consulting (retainer)

  • Trend Forecasting


Tell us a little more about your company and what you're looking for via the form below.  Lets set up times and dates that work for you!

from 20.00

Consultations are $20 for the first 30 min, and $50 total thereafter for up to 90 min, helping all parties properly prepare to understand services rendered and expected.

Looking forward to hearing all of your ideas and goals involved in bringing our vision to life ! 


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