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Before a Pattern + Sample, before Manufacturing + Production, there's the Design.  Your design is the second most important part of bringing your creations to life (fabric choice, pattern fit are first).  Detailed sketches are an essential part of producing and communicating your ideas effectively for manufacturing.

Let Eyes Like Pearls transition your rough sketches to professional CAD's (Computer Aided Designs) in order to professionally create a rapport in the production industry.  There is nothing more confusing than trying to produce an entire garment based on a hand sketch.  


Trend Forecasting

What is it?  Trend Forecasting is basically a bunch of industry professionals that know exactly how to predict/source new trends in said field. They then provide a plethora of information to the industry, based on human studies and what we wear, do, and spend money on via Demo - Psycho - Geo Graphics,  in order to design collections that are 6 mos. - 1 year ahead of its scheduled release season.

Design Companies and Creatives spend thousands of dollars, annually, on Trend Forecasting Services through various sources like WGSN , Fashion Snoops, and Trend Stop to keep up with the industry today!  As an Alumna of FIDM , I have lifetime access to several services through the FIDM ALUMA Portal that will set your brand aside from others. 

Trend Forecasting Mood Boards allows you to vividly see the direction of your collection all in one place, making it easier to refer to inspirations during the designing process.


Trend Forecasting and Development for ELP Spring 2016 Collection...Conceptualized and Forecast September 2015

Trend Forecasting and Development for ELP Spring 2016 Collection...Conceptualized and Forecast September 2015

Trend Forecasting and Development for ELP Spring 2016 Collection...Conceptualized and Forecast September 2015

Trend Forecasting for Forever 21 Corporate: Freelance work circa 2012-2013 

Then & Now:

A Concept of The Mod era we went through, as predicted by Raisa, before the trend hit big.

Grunge Disco:

A Concept and Prediction of the Grunge era we went through.

By Raisa, December 2012


CAD Flat Sketches & Illustrations

What Does CAD stand for?

CAD means (Computer Aided Design) and is ALWAYS used in the Manufacturing + Production Process, as well as Sample + Pattern Making, as means of communication.  Before you can begin cut + sew CAD's usually contain most, if not all, details in a sketch: pocket width, stitch size, buttons, pockets etc, as a part of a bigger picture; THE TECHNICAL PACKET.  


The Technical Pack

What is a Technical Pack? 

Tech Packs are very detailed and informative packets created by each brand, for each Design, in order to communicate with manufacturers and producers all the super important components needed to create a product.  Usually designers include POM (point of measurements), materials sourced, color stories, trims + hardware, grading, labels, tags, etc. aka, the technical part (hence its name) of their designs.  The more information you include in your tech pack, the less room there is for error, the less money you spend.

Do I Really Need a Tech Pack? 

YES!!  With a tech pack, you are investing your money, intelligently and are likely to get your sample, prototype, or product back with minimal to no error.  Providing a Tech Pack to manufacturers gives super solid instructions as to how to produce your product...So imagine not having one of these bad girls! Your product will become lost in translation and may become someone else idea!  You want to keep continuity from sketch to actual product, as much as possible; thats pretty much impossible without! 



Tell us a little more about your company and what you're looking for via the form below.  Lets set up times and dates that work for you!

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Consultations are $20 for the first 30 min, and $50 total thereafter for up to 90 min, helping all parties properly prepare to understand services rendered and expected.

Looking forward to hearing all of your ideas and goals involved in bringing our vision to life ! 


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