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When Sh*t Gets Real

Kenzo: The Realest Real

Ever playfully written "Bae" under your crush pictures?  Or went as far as calling your favorite celebrity's, favorite celebrity "MOM" on instagram?  If "yes", the edgy-in your face brand- Kenzo, challenges what happens when you actually get everything you manifest via social media.  Their Fall 2016 video campaign shows how honestly, truly scary it would be if everything we said, did, or reacted to in the land of make believe (SM), came to life... 


It's kind of genius if you ask me.

In a generation that tends to base major life decisions like relationships and marriage, on memes and IG likes, The Realest Real is a refreshingly, eerie take on getting exactly what you ask for.

Take a look at the full length 6+ min short film here.  Or watch below.