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It's COMING...

Behind the Eyes: with Doma

T H E  S L I P  D R E S S

Nope, this isn't some porno chic GIF circa 1970...It's new ELP and its dropping next week.  

Im still on this whole denim wave and was feeling a bit more crafty, hence bleaching and dying each strip to my liking.  I thought, "lets just see what happens if we leave the edges raw..like a deconstructed look..put together, then ripped apart."  Kinda like the irony of this life shit, ya know?  

We shot at the infamous pink wall at Paul Smith on Melrose, which gave that 70s, pop of color, HALSTON vibe.  Then headed to the "Made in LA" wall a few blocks down, to get a few more shots.  

Doma is wearing T H E  S L I P  D R E S S, T H E  W R A P  S K I R T, The Kooples Tank, Celine glasses, Gucci Boots 

T H E  W R A P  S K I R T

All in all I am super excited about my constant growth…Who knows what ELP will hold in the future..this is literally only the beginning ! 

raisa smoot