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TOP 8:

1. Much Deserved Breaks

Since April, I've been working NON STOP, literally, everyday, naps, no sleep, just...work.  This Past Sunday wrapped up my super busy schedule and I must say: It was worth it!  Can't wait to reveal whats been going on.  


 2. Behind The Scenes: EAT x ELP

Bringing an Idea to life is never an easy task!  From the thought process, to the second guessing, down to the final draft; there's a world wind of mishaps, unexpected road blocks, and executive decision making.

Go behind the scenes with me as I show you how I chose our fabric, zippers, and shoot location.

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO KISHA, whom I compensate for helping me bc loyal/good help is hard to find!  She will be the first Eyes Like Pearls employee on payroll, for sure!

Edgar, my cousin, Who Shoots all of my Videos! 

Sam at Zip Up Zipper Unlimited 

and my Favorite Wholesale Fabric spot

3. Shes Vague

Foxy aka My Twin, featured on one of my favorite Instagram Accounts: SHESVAGUE

4. Purpose in the EYE of the Beholder

I am super proud of this box I made in the shape of an eye.  YES, from scratch...a Box..in the shape of an eye!  I changed my mind time and time again, bc I thought this was gonna be impossible but, my GOD!  

I headed to Home Depot, bought some wood strips, a saw kit, wood glue, and fur! 


5. This Pic of Me If My Ass had Lungs

6. 69'n

Nope, not THAT 69...I mean the Cancer sign.  My 29th birthday recently passed, (June 30th) and in honor of all CANCERS WORLDWIDE...FREE SHIP ON ALL ORDERS...USE CODE: CANCERS


8. Prada Circa 1994


With the recent passing of Mobb Deeps, Prodigy, and my baby cousin going thru a host of blood transfusions due to Sickle Cell, I thought I'd share some information.

Brittney Linder is the creator of Moms Against Sickle Cell Disease.  Established while witnessing the struggles endured by her baby boy and the lack of education of this disease. Linder has made it her mission to educate through her outlet, blog "Mommy's Journey."



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