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10 Times Lil Kim Showed Us Why She IS the QUEEN Bee!


Here at Eyes Like Pearls, the 90s rule my utopia.  From the music to the laid back overtly understated simplicity of the clothes (minus the bright colors), the 90s pretty much embodies everything I live for.  LIL KIM THE QUEEN BEE is no exception.

Fell in Love with her probably when I shouldn't have.  I was such a young kitty singing "Get Money!" and "Stick you for your cream and your riches..."  Her wig colors and provocative high fashion struck bells with me.  

From her mega performances to the endless awards and recognition (only female with 5 mics), Lil Kim shows us time and time again why shes the queen of Hip Hop.

Follow me as I look back on 10 times she gave it to us raw!

1. She's The Original Crossover Queen


Before Rihanna teamed up with Manolo Blahnik and starred in Battleship, our Queen Bee graced campaigns like Candies , Mac, and IceBerg AND made her big screen debut in movies like Shes All That.  Proving that you can be whatever and whoever you want, and still make people of all genres and walks of life, feel your Vibe. 

2. Marc Jacobs was the Andy to her Edie

Long after Edie and Andy went their separate ways, Marc Jacobs and Kimmie were the IT BFF pair.  High Fashion, Bomb Flows, and Melanin..whats better?

3. She's the Only Female Rapper with 5 Mics

4. HardCore's Album Cover

Coming out as a super vulgar, expressive, and feminist...Lil Kim changed the game for female rappers!  She wasn't here to sing about U-N-I-T-Y, nor was she set out to beg for respect from men.  SHE DEMANDED it through sexual liberation, her lyrics, and holding down a Mafia of Juniors. 

5. Her Verse in All About The Benjamins 



Only Female in Her Crew

7. She Did A Bid

We all know men are the new female.  This case proved no different.  They Snitched..she Didnt...ISSA QUEEN.  READ MORE about her case here

8.  This Iconic Look That Inspired The EAT x ELP Metallic Denim 

9. The Wig Originator (Sorry Kylie & Nicki) 


10. She's A Cancer

As a fellow cancer, I have a special connection to my sign sisters.  We are magical, loyal, intuitive, and nuturing! 


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