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Top 8: Mental Health Awareness Week

1. The Hospital Rooms

The Hospital Rooms

A collective of world-renowned contemporary artists commissioning their work via a new charity.  Aiming to change patients mood and scenery in mental hospital wards, worldwide.

Nick Knight, Lily

image via I-D


Mental Health..

A very touchy but, very real reality for a lot. Those suffering from mental health issues are force fed, controlled, monitored, and examined in mental wards, daily. 

The Hospital Rooms is a charity created in an effort to be that light, in an otherwise often gloomy, populated environment.

Artwork: Tim A Shaw, Gaze



Full Article on The Hospital Room on I-D.com

Nick Knight, Pale Rose


2. THIS Message


Because your own worst enemy is you.


3. GurlsTalk


As a modern day feminist, my focus remains: to unite girls worldwide, creating a bond and network that resembles a sisterhood -if you will- of talented women, helping one another through testimony, encouragement, and shared knowledge. 

The stars aligned while browsing Instagram one day.  You know how it goes, click, click, click...next thing you know you've fallen into a rabbit hole of hipster chicks and 90s grunge.  Among the mashup, however, I discovered GurlsTalk, a community for and by females to get girls talking; about any and everything that makes us, US!

Founded by the gorgeous Adwoa Aboah

watch to learn more about GurlsTalk .


4. Conversations with Friends


Elyse Fox

Director/Editor of Conversations with Friends and Founder of SadGirlsClub.


Fox documents and explores "one year of.. life living with depression" in her new documentary, Conversations with Friends.

Elyse, Elyse, Elyse...Where can I start?! I first discovered your instagram account about a year ago while researching my article for Lucy Ford.  Behind the Scene: Lucy Ford, was super cool! I've been a fan ever since!  As someone who has suffered from depression, unknowingly, since middle school, your documentary meant everything to me.  I was diagnosed with mild depression, August 2014.  I too, know how it feels to bottle up every emotion && to feel very very alone in a room full of people; to the point you need to get away and cry bc the feeling of sadness rushes you. It is very important to share our experiences and pain, letting others know "we're in this together!"  People like you have bigger purpose on this planet.  Your documentary has touched me! I hope it saves a life, today, and the days to come!

Thank You!


5. Spice Advice


Spice Advice

via GurlsTalk

A round up of advice from our favorite group; Le Spice Girls via GurlsTalk


6. 6 Ways To Get Over "Failure"

"Failure" contributes to my depression.  There, I said it!  I can no longer deny the fact that I'm out here making shit happen.  And often times than not, I am in meetings with Multi-Million dollar companies, listening to lies and broken promises like I'm in a horrible relationship or something.  I'm often promised shit.  ENDLESS SHIT.  contracts, jobs, pre-buys, etc.  But for some odd reason, they fall through from time to time. Career=Man much?

Anyway, my craft is very much who I am, therefore It is important for me to breathe and tell myself "okay Raisa, every single time an opportunity falls through, something better follows, literally every single time, CHILL OUT!" 

So, I put together 6 super chill things that help me get over "Failure"

Photo shot and edited by Raisa

Photo shot and edited by Raisa


7. A Word

photo by  Pasco

photo by Pasco


8. Remembering MarShawn M. McCarrel II


Marshawn M. McCarrel II

Just days before taking his life, McCarrel post via facebook "My Demons won today, I'm sorry."

1-800-273-TALK (8255)



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