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1. Women...

Image by @_r_aisa

Image by @_r_aisa

As the saying goes "I can't believe I'm still protesting this shit!"  

2017 isn't the 2017 I had in mind as a child.  I mean, you'd think we'd accept the insane fact that (GASP!), women are people...with brains..that are used to make decisions...you know...decisions...for the body its inside.  That body just so happens to be female, and for some odd reason 115 year old white men with chodes, are regulating organs they will never have! 

The time is yesteryear for us to come together as women to get shit done.  Yes, Progress has been made, but the next four years are critical....ladies...get in formation...

2...And The Signs That Rep Our Struggle

3. Spring Inspo 17.

This Spring I want to dig a little deeper into my emotions.  This industry will suck you dry and inspire you at the same time.  Its important to convey that....So expect lots of typography, sheers, and denim (of course), among few others.  

I'm experimenting with color bc, why not.  Color and prints.  So, we'll see.  

4. Woman Power


5. Caroline for Galore

Working for another persons company while simultaneously trying to build your own and freelance, is a lot of work.  However, Its days like this that get me going.  We shot Caroline Damore for GaloreMag.com in The EyesLikePearls Denim Jumpsuit and The Lace Up Crop Top, and let me just say, we had a blast.  

Caroline Damore is the owner of Damore's Pizza on 3rd in Los Angeles, CA.  She is a model, actress, DJ..and BFF's to the likes of Paris Hilton.  IF you're in LA, stop by and tell her Raisa sent ya! 

Check Out #BTS pics below

#BTS pics shot by me....

Shot by: @Amberasaly  for GaloreMag.com Styled by: Me

6. Vintage Naomi

Bc, why not....


Black girls have, and ALWAYS will be the originators of STYLE.  America has made a LIVING off of BLACK CULTURE...So Im Letting yo know...these are the originals.  

So Nope...Kylie Jenner did not event Art on your nails...and Kim K didnt event Boxer Braids...sorry folks 

8. Benjamin Shine

We're chilling yesterday talking about fashion when Kolby goes "have you seen Margiela?"  "No, not yet" was my response.  He then proceeds to show me the most extravagant piece of art I've seen in a LOOONG time.  Honestly, I am not a fan of Galliano, who was at the center of a racial scandal years back, which ultimately got him dismissed as the head of house at DIOR.  He now heads the house at Mason Margiela, and I must say, he is genius for seeking out Benjamin Shine in his latest collaboration for #HCFW (Huate Couture Fashion Week).  Shine makes art out of Tulle fabric. Not just any art...but Faces, Shrines, Ballet Scences, Etc.  "How?" you may ask..by using a very interesting pressing techniques, among other things.  Below are videos and pics of his work....


For more info on Benjamin Shine head to his website www.BenjaminShine.com and check him on IG: @BenjaminShineStudios




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