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 The Wrap Dress

The Wrap Dress

This season I obsessed over several vibes, moods, and attitudes of the past.  Cue the 70s, when times were care free and Donna Summers ruled in over sized furs and wide leg pants. And the 90s, when chokers and bare skin were uniform and Tom Ford revived Gucci, deeming everything porno-chic.  Both eras were raw and authentic, leaving a "no fucks given," taste of greatness in my mouth.  The times literally remind me to never GAF what people think! You like it, you wear it!

Donna Looking cool af and un-bothered.  Basking in Black Girl Magic. -pinterest-

Centering and aligning my life taught me to hone in on my authentic self. What I like and don't like, admitting my strengths and weaknesses, and staying true to the LA girl that I have become. That, then lead me to pour my true self into my work for the first time.  I swear, I asked myself a thousand times "would you wear this?"  If the answer was "no," I scratched it out of my brain. You see, authenticity is important. Its the word of the year in my Utopia and the attitude of my brand, so the direction of what I wanted to do was important.  I called my home girl Doma, like, "lets dress up in new E L P and hit the regular spots, just me and you."  Of course she couldn't resist. I mapped out where I wanted to go and we were on our way.  We went to the taco trucks and fruit stands in Echo Park and hung out and at Sals on Melrose (our traditional Mimosa spot).  We crashed a launch party where we came, saw, f*cked sh*t up, and left, then headed to China Town. Honestly, What you see in the video is what you get, so I sincerely hope you guise enjoy! 


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