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WCW: Wicked Crush Wednesday


Sure, we can all sing along to Kanye's Runaway: "See I can have me a good girl...& still be addicted to them hood rats." But whose to say a good girl cant be a hood rat, or vice versa? 23 yr old photographer Malik Jarrettof my hometown Washington DC, challenges society's play on labels & women...especially black women.  In his Utopia "a lot of times hood rats don't get the exposure to new things that would allow them to be more dimensional and appreciated by all men."  And he's set out to change that through the photo set: Keisha Like Art.

"Keisha" is a common black girl name and often associated with being ghetto, untrustworthy, loud and unprofessional, uncultured, and unworthy.  But, "Keisha" is also who the fashion industry looks to in order to forecast trends for seasons to come; be it how she (we as black girls) wears her hair, or how many designs are painted on her nails.  Everyone wants to be apart of black culture! And every black girl has a little bit of "Keisha" in them. 

I'm wickedly crushing on not only the photo set, but the young photographers point of view and expression on feminism, also.  As you should know by now, I am a super hardcore feminist, so if anyone can appreciate a man portraying his understanding of the different layers of women, hello, IT'S ME! 

"Keisha" is a trendsetter (cc: Marc Jacobs Spring 15), "Keisha" is inspiration (cc: DKNY Spring 15), "Keisha" is loud, proud, educated, And....

 'Keisha Like Art!'

Keisha Like Art: Shot By Malik Jarrett / Instagram: @allhomage

Model: Instagram: @ZeeZeetop

Check out Malik's portfolio




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