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WCW: Wicked Crush Wednesday



Video by Produced by Girls

It gets no hotter than 22 year old LA girl, Lucy Ford; the local badass known as Missbehaave.  Her factors of bad-ass-ness range from: being a self taught artist, admiring Janis Joplin, crowning Andy Warhol as one of her top 5 favorite artist, and using mediums like Codeine to paint large sized Future Hendrix portraits. Fords' art has been regrammed by the likes of the Champagne Papi, and featured in the Purple Reign LA Pop Up Shop.  Not to mention The Beibs himself pulled up at her latest art show, where according to Lucy, he told her he liked her use of color.

I'm crushing on Ms. Lucille, wickedly.  Majorly due to the fact that she's relatable, cute as f*ck, and apart of the Loners Club, like myself.  She'd much rather stay inside and work on her art, rather than deal with the casualties, aka bullsh*t, that is humanity.  So she obviously gets it, gets the fact that no one hates/loves the world like an artist does; she embraces it and applies that to her art. 



   Lonely Hearts Club

Lonely Hearts Club

Currently she's kicking ass on social media with: 35k followers on twitter (@LoveLucyFord), reigning in the instagram (@LoveLucyFord) underground world with 31.5k, and Snapping it up on SnapChat (@LoveLucyFord).  With an upcoming art show in LA that will allow her audience to color life sized portraits of politicans, artist, and muscians, while being able to paint on hats, clothes, shoes, or themselves, Lucy is spreading the art love..and TBQH, I'm here for it!

So, now that you've met your new fave, check out her work and go cop some art!!