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The Denim-Malist

DENIM, DENIM, and-yup you guessed it-more DENIM!  I mean, it's no secret that the right pair of jeans can change your life.  Even celebs like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Solange, know the secrets of good denim.  They're often spotted on the scene in chic, minimal, denim looks that send their fans in a frenzy to cop whatever it is the bad gal, super model, or care free song bird, are laced in.  Its the American uniform, the everyday slip on-ready to wear-dress up or down- staple piece that occupies every stylish gals' wardrobe!  And as a self-appointed Denim-malist (you know, a minimalist that wears denim) I'm telling you now, It's here to reign Queen B over our closets, FOREVER!  

CLAP, CLAP, CLAP IT, CLAP IT, CLAP IT....**For denim**

With that being said, The Collection is loaded with denim pieces like: T H E  O V E R C O A T, T H E  J U M P S U I T, and T H E  C R O P P E D  F L A R E. Made from quality, vintage denim.  Get your fix and click images to shop below!