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DIY: "GUCCI" Slippers

If you're anything like me, you spend your money wisely and most likely second guess whether you should purchase the shoes, even as you approach the register. And you're smart, so you buy investment pieces (contemporary or designer) like T H E  W R A P  D R E S S, & stand clear when the trendy ones come around!

That is until GUCCI released thee IT slipper of the season, Princetown.  Spotted circa Fall 2015, first came like, then came love, until eventually came obsession!  After daydreaming about the $995 furry beauties and realizing my financial priorities outweighed my "dying need" to bring them home, I grabbed a needle and burst my own bubble.  Months later, the shoe Gods spoke! The skies opened up and shined its light on a pair of $5 slippers, (yes FIVE) while I browsed F21 for a client. During the ride home, I immediately thought about the designer slipper and all its glory, and the fur trimming I had lying around my craft area at home....Alas, the DIY "GUCCI" Slipper was born.  

What you will need:

  • Loafer slippers (similar pair  here
  • Fabric shears (get here)
  • Fur trimming (get here)
  • Adhesive fabric glue (get here

Step 1: Take your fur trim and measure the length from crease of tong to crease. 

Step 2: Use your adhesive fabric glue to glue measured fur trim to your slipper.  Start at crease of tongue. 

Step 3: apply glue to entire fur trim strip, press down on fur to shoe to conceal super tight adhesiveness and glue around to the other corner of tongue.  *start gluing fur on INSIDE of shoe*

Step 4: After you've applied your fur trimming to each slipper, measure the length of the outside of the slipper from corner of tongue to the start of the sole and glue a piece of the fur to the outside of the shoe, giving it a full look.

Step 5: After you've let the glue dry for 2 hours, you're ready to slip on your DIY "GUCCIs" and chic up your flats. 


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