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Your Squad is Imporant

Let me be the first to tell you "You are the company that you keep."  Okay, so I'm not exactly the first to tell you (unless you've lived under a rock your entire existence) but, I can be the first to say it is one of the most important things I've learned in life.  So make sure you have people in your corner that have your best interest at heart and are the ones to push and motivate you, not just there to say "yes" and feed off your energy.  NEWS FLASH: It's draining!  

If you no longer vibe with old friends, lovers, or family members, have no shame! Honestly, everybody can't go where you're going; be at peace with that.  I like to surround myself with dope ass artist and like minded people who are spiritually grounded, grateful, and humble, to the utmost.  I say that to say this, if you have negative people in your circle who don't believe in your dreams, you need to cut it bc,.....

"You Can't Elevate With Us"

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