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WCW: Wicked Crush Wednesday

Elizabeth S. Ilsley

It goes without saying that I live for a self proclaimed bad bitch!  And by bad bitch I mean a woman who isn't afraid to say, think, or do half the things most women who let society decide what they should think and wear, wish they could! I mean come on, "I SHAVED MY VAGINA FOR YOU," [I prefer waxing] pretty much sums up reality for us gals that enjoy the casualties of sex without a relationship.   Elizabeth S. Ilsley , whom I discovered on Instagram, is, in her own words: "an artist, painter, and print maker."  She portrays herself as a super confident girl who speaks her mind through relatable, yet captivating quotes accompanied by clothing, accessories, and vintage photos. I like it!.

As a feminist, I appreciate women who artistically magnify the everyday emotions we go through dealing with life and lovers.

This leather jacket is one of my faves bc, who can't relate to being with a bad lover who fucks you great?  The way I see it, pictures aren't only worth a thousand words, they're sometimes the only "words" that represent our crazy, complicated lives and the lovers in it, past or present.

Check out a few of her pieces I am wickedly crushing on!

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