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Top 8: This Week


1. Krocaine Nails

 Image edited by Raisa

Image edited by Raisa

@Krocaine is a bad ass nail technician that bangs designs.  I'm obsessed  !!

2. This Prada Bag Filled w Green

 Graphics by  @_r_aisa

Graphics by @_r_aisa

PRADA and Weed..these are a few of my favorite things...

3. Nia Long In Overalls

Bc, How Cute is she...

4. Happiness Being In The Eye of The....VULVA

Masturbation is Healthy....and with Fuckboy-ism at an all time high....Its time to hit your own G-Spot....

5. Living Legends

HOV's bday is always something to be celebrated.  This living legend is one of the many reasons I go so hard for what I believe in....bc logically...if you keep doing something...you'll get better at it...so the smartest thing you can ever do is never give up .

6. Girls Supporting Girls...

Girls should ALWAYS support one another.   So here are 8 Supreme Bitches I'm fucking with at the moment...

@Ava Hovanka - Singer/Songwriter from the DMV

@AmerykahsMisfit - Singer/Songwriter/Model

@LucyFord - Bomb ass Contemporary Painter

@Vinichiminyon - Upscale Street wear Brand

@The_LoveSpirit - Voice Over Actress

@HaleyCamille - Stylist

@_Relos_ - Artist (Painter, Graphics etc)

@Nat_Curl_Junkie - Natural Hair Guru/Barber/ and My BFF

7. Protection

Donald Trump is President-elect...run to the local gun shop, register, and tote it....

8. Unconditional Love

We all talk about love...wanting it...needing it...giving and receiving it.. (barz).  But What is it really?  The last couple of months have been cool. I've been doing a lot of good, career wise, very happy, even, but I couldn't help but feel a void.  Something was missing.  I knew a certain chapter between an old friend and I was over.  I knew that my heart wasn't there romantically anymore...or maybe I just pushed it to the back of my heart/mind.  I knew that I was angry with said friend bc of hurtful words spoken.  But I also knew that my heart yearned for that same friendship.  I sat and thought to myself "How?  After all this time...all the hurtful things...all the bullshit...how can I still love this person with all of my heart like they're family?" Then I figured it out... UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Even when the shit isn't reciprocated..... Its deep.  I love hard...friends, family, relationships, dogs and cats, etc...I Love hard, and hard love is what I want in return.  Unconditional HARD LOVE.  And I shall wait to receive it...no matter how long it takes.  bc we all need it and I never settle.  So next time someone you loves disappoints you...try your best to see them the same way God sees them...the same way God loves and forgives us all the time.....try it....Its Unconditional...and worth it...

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