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This Week....

1. Girl Bosses

Multi-tasking, black magical, self made women.

2. A Seat at the Table

This Sh*t Is For US!

3. Shoes That Are Made For Walking

Figuratively speaking, only you can wear the shoes you're in so make sure they're comfortable; the road to success is long.  There are no short cuts.


 Solange Knowles Wedding

Solange Knowles Wedding

I cannot stress this enough...your squad is uber important.  Choosing great people to surround yourself with is literally the difference between success and failure.  Anyone who threatens your success or downsizes your dreams, fuck em.  Straight up.  

Get you a group of friends who are ambitious, determined, aware, and spiritual (my personal preferences), and watch how your life changes.  Squad Goals are real. Level up

5. THIS American Horror Story T-shirt

6. Acknowledging the only Christopher I Know

BC we all know his ass didn't discover America

7. Metallic Velvets

 EyesLikePearls Fall 2016 Fittings with   DomaJay

EyesLikePearls Fall 2016 Fittings with DomaJay

8.  Perseverance

 via   TheFemmeCeo   IG

Lastly, to anyone who needs it: Success is like a mountain...you cannot focus on getting to the top of the mountain without strategically planning each small step in between.  You must observe and strategically decide when and which rock to grab to help you to the top.  Just like a mountain climber, some rocks may crumble as you touch them or apply pressure, and may even knock you back down to your previous level.  Regroup.  It is better to grab another rock and keep climbing, than to jump to your death.

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