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Top 8

This Week....

1. Business Brunches

Sealing the deal with a little bit of sparkle....

I'd like to welcome @Alex and @Kisha_King to the Eyes Like Pearls team.

2. Wearing Different Hats

Bc some days you have to take off your leadership hat to learn new skills, then dominate.....cough cough*

3. Prints 4 Haiti

As we all know, Haiti has once again suffered tremendous damage.  This time at the hands of Hurricane Matthew.  My Goal is to sell 8x10 prints of my artwork for $20.  With each purchase, half of the proceeds will go DIRECTLY to Haiti


4. New Opps in New Fields

If you follow me, you know that I now have an internship with Galore Mag in the Design department.  Obviously not designing clothes, but digital design and marketing...which is something I am familiar and knowledgeable in, but it is not my profession.  Never have I ever worked at a magazine company and I think its smart and dope to be able to take on internships in new fields!  GaloreMag.com is lit and is literally the best place I've ever worked...other than my own brand of course....

5. Prince && Jacob

because they're dope and the founders of Galore Multi Media :) 

6. FLOTUS On the Cover of Time Style Magazine

bc Black women won a long time ago...now everyone can attest to it...there will NEVER be another FLOTUS like Michelle Obama 

7. Damaris Goddrie

 Layout by   @Kisha_King

Layout by @Kisha_King

bc, look at her

8. THESE Aquazzura Boots

 via Instagram

via Instagram