Aside from everything else I do, I began creating Digital artwork late 2014.  Majoring as a fashion design student taught me the ins and outs of Photoshop and Illustrator.  I spent many a nights creating CAD (Computer Aided Design) Illustrations for tech packs and portfolios.  One day I saw this Gucci Ad in the 2014 September issue of Vogue and nearly lost my shits!  The overall pic was the most beautiful, minimal editorial you ever did see!  First thought, "I wonder how dope this would be if I drew it in illustrator!"  Rest is history!  So here we are...discussing my art...funny how time flies.  I've grown so much as a creative!  Anywhoo, my art is a collection of people, places, and things I adore...with a mix of fashion and feminism.  I literally live on the Adobe Creative Suite [not kidding].

I welcome all custom inquiries, but you have to be serious as a heart attack! (SN:  I do not want you to have a heart attack, just be as serious as one).  Seriously though, custom film prints and canvas stretch pics are available.  As well as my pieces listed and shown below!  

*Background colors interchangeable upon request*

Get into some art, guise (Kim K voice)! 

Email: EyesLikePearls12@gmail.com.  Subject: ART

  1. Clermont Twins: Totally No FuckBoys
  2. Gucci Girl: Tell PETA My Mink is Draggin
  3. Nadia Lee C: Not Your Bitch
  4. Street Style: Rihanna
  5. Ion Pop Molly I Rock Tom Ford
  6. But First, Coffee
  7. I Don't Need a Boyfriend, I Need a Million Dollars
  8. My Pussy, My Choice
  9. Amber Rose: Smoke the Competition (Featured at Amber Rose SlutWalk LA on October 1st, 2015)
  10. But First, Selfie