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Eyes Like Pearls is a Full Service Creative Space By me, Raisa, specializing in helping emerging and existing creatives develop their brand with ease! Located in Downtown Los Angeles, California.  

I officially started Eyes Like Pearls in 2016 with made to order hand made pieces.  After manufacturing the EATxELP 2 pc sets, I realized the tedious work that went into the production process, even for someone like me with a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM, AND 9+ years in the industry! I thought, why not offer the same services to other brands?

While moving my base office to a factory on S Broadway, I'd always SnapChat the behind the scenes at the factory.  In turn the messages started to DOUBLE and the inquiry for manufacturing services grew!  Fast Forward January 1st, 2018, EyesLikePearls.com is here to service you and all your needs to get your brand started!  From Graphics to Design Consulting, to Manufacturing + Production and Pattern Making, we can pretty much do it all! 

Explore the site and see what we're all about.  Let's take the journey of elevation, together!